June 24, 2009

The drug of success

Success is a drug. I found that out when I won my first writing contest with "From the Seat of a Second Grader, My recollection of the Assassination of JFK". I first felt this burning adrenaline sensation begin in my chest, creep up my arms and explode in my head in this nearly psychedelic trip of godness and glory. I leaped about my living room, danced around my husband like a pagan around fire until my husband grabbed a water hose in fear of the house igniting, or possibly taking off into space.

Then I told him what happened.

The next feeling was a slow warmth enveloping me with the smile from the man who has been my constant cheerleader. I have a fan. My number 1.

Next was the evening of celebrating with Ale along with my "Writing Ladies of the Night".

Then, came the sheets of dreams ready to critique.

The time of work.
Good Work

Let me say as a "young" writer to savor those first moments of success. Let them inspire you, but don't be deceived. I am still gestating my first novel. And when I get up in the morning I face the same challenges. House, husband, school, work.....and the list goes marching on. That feeling of success is like an ice cream sunday. Its very filling. But don't let it lead you to inertia.

It is not "THE" success. My book is that number one.

So every day remember the love of your life, your story. Don't make it wait on life. Make life wait on it---at least a little every day. Carve that time into stone and stake your flag. Your story is your mission.

Fulfill it


At June 28, 2009 at 7:10 AM , Blogger June Rodriguez said...

Congrats Jackie! Post that winning letter in a prominent place to inspire you every day. I look forward to helping you enjoy future successes.

At June 28, 2009 at 6:52 PM , Blogger Dorinda Ohnstad said...

Savor the win and let it motivate you onward to finish your novel. You can do it.


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